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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Download: Donny Hue - Good Time Happening

To promote his upcoming album Donny Hue is currently on tour of West Coast USA with the Colors. The album is called Tell Tall Tales, a title which I like a lot. The album itself should be decent too, as evidenced by first single 'Good Time Happening'.

Donny himself says of the album: "I picked these songs up while on the move....on a train, a bicycle, a plane....however you see fit. They come from certain sights and sounds that never leave you alone, that creep up and tap you on the shoulder every now and then, eager for attention. Maybe these aren't meant to be tales, or even songs, but pictures of someplace that I've been or seen. It doesn't matter where they take you, or if they got you where you were going, but at least, even for a moment or so, you saw 'em."

Sounds interesting, and if it's all as good as the single, it certainly will be.

Donny Hue - 'Good Time Happening'

Watch the video for 'Good Time Happening':

Visit his myspace for more details:

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