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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Download: The Black Lips - Short Fuse

The Black Lips - 200 Million Thousand

The Black Lips are set to release second album 200 Million Thousand (isn't that the name of a terrible Bon Jovi best of? Well something like that). The album is due on February 24th in the US, so 20th here. From first indications, it could well be better than their REM-infused earlier records. I live in hope. (Thanks to a reader for clarification, I better check out those other two albums!)

Also, if you look closely at the cover art, you can see a face between the lines. Read between the lines or somesuch, no doubt.

The Black Lips - 'Short Fuse'

More info/buy: http://www.black-lips.com/


Anonymous said...

Have you listened to The Black Lips? I don't understand the R.E.M. comparison. Also, The Black Lips have already released three albums.

Ronan said...

I have, it's a bit like early REM, not the modern radio-stuff. Well I think so anyway.

Thanks for the clarification too.