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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Live: Mogwai at the Academy

Should I make three posts in a row, or just one big one? Why? Cause Mogwai are playing Dublin's Academy on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of March (Friday through Sunday for all you calender freaks).

Tickets are priced €30 for each night and are on sale tomorrow, February 4th.

And here's a video from one of Mogwai's friends:


"Life Has Surface Noise" said...

Had the pleasure of watching Mogwai in Edinburgh at the end of 2008 and they were in the form of their lives.

Anyone who's not really followed them before should take another look.

Hardcore fans may disagree but I personally love previous record Mr. Beast and rate it as one of their best.

Mind you, The Hawk is Howling is pretty damn fine also.

Ronan said...

I haven't seen them yet, and unfortunately I don't think recession-era Ireland will allow me to see them this time around.

I do hear they put on a marvellous live show though. If they put me on the guestlist, I'd do a stellar review. But I doubt that'll happen!