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Monday, September 14, 2009

Rant: Kanye West's VMA Outburst

By now, you'll no doubt have heard about the controversy when Kanye West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Swift had just won the award for Best Female Video, and was in the middle of her "thank you"s when the one-man-ego came onto the stage to protest that Beyonce's video should have won as it was one of the best videos ever, never mind this year.

Taylor's speech/Kanye's rant:

Beyonce went on to win the overall Best Video category (which is a bit strange, how can it be the best video overall and not the best video by a female?)

My problem however is not that Kanye harassed Taylor (who rightly deserved to win), but that Beyonce's video is all kinds of awful. Forget what the song is about for a minute, that's rarely important in music videos, but what is the video about?

Well... nothing, it's just Beyonce dancing around for three minutes or so and grinding her hips while shaking her arm to "put a ring on it". On said arm is what can only be described as the Power Glove from 1989's The Wizard.

Yes, this...

All in all, Kanye was wrong to do what he did. Not because of poor Taylor, but because he was championing not only one of the worst videos of the year, but also one of the stupidest videos ever.


John Walsh said...

I like kanye but he's a big jerk...

stacey jones said...

I love kanye but he gotta chance his ways about himself.