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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Album News: Beach House - Teen Dream

Beach House - Teen Dreams

Beach House are another band who have announced a 2010 album. But their 2010 album has already leaked to the internet in 2009. I haven't heard it myself, but people are telling me that Teen Dream is their best and most consistent record yet. So it'll be great when it actually does come out properly on January 26th (that's the same date as the Magnetic Fields, below). For those of you sticking on the legal side of things, you can download an mp3 of 'Norway' below.

01. Zebra
02. Silver Soul
03. Norway
04. Walk in the Park
05. Used to Be
06. Lover of Mine
07. Better Times
08. 10 Mile Stereo
09. Real Love
10. Take Care

Beach House - 'Norway'

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