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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Album Review Index

I've reviewed a lot of albums from Ireland, but also others from around the world. Here's the full index of album reviews. Scroll down for Single Reviews too.


Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Cardinology
An Taobh Tuathail Vol III

Bat for Lashes - Two Suns
The Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
The Blind Pilots - The Toys Have Gone Berserk EP
Tom Brosseau - Posthumous Success
Carla Bruni - As if Anything Happens

Johnny Cash - American VI: Ain't No Grave
CODES - Trees Dream in Algebra
Common - Be
CSS - Donkey
Miley Cyrus - Breakout

Gavin DeGraw - Gavin DeGraw
Dr. Dog - Fate
The Dutchess & the Duke - She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke

Fight Like Apes - And the Mystery of the Golden Medallion
iForward, Russia! - Life Processes

David Geraghty - The Victory Dance

Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew
Richard Hawley - Truelove's Gutter
Herm - Monsters
The Hold Steady - Stay Positive

Norah Jones - The Fall

Kings of Leon - Only By the Night

Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing
John Mellencamp - Life, Death, Love, and Freedom
Monkey - Jouney to the West
My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges

Nas - Untitled
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

Primal Scream - Beautiful Future

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - ...And the Horse You Rode In On
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

The Tears - Refugees EP
202s - The 202s
Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

U2 - No Line on the Horizon

War Child presents Heroes
Paul Weller - 22 Dreams
Wire - Object 47


Ultan Conlon - 'The Universe Tune'

Joe McElderry - 'The Climb'

Rihanna - 'Rude Boy'

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