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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Download: Gemma Hayes - Live at Union Chapel, 8 September 2008 Bootleg

Gemma Hayes - Union Chapel Bootleg cover

Facebook is a useful tool for chatting with your mates and sharing photos. It's also useful if you want something posted on here. Yesterday I asked using the Swear I'm Not Paul Facebook page what artist would my readers like a bootleg of. Andrew McG was the first to reply. He sent me off in search of a Gemma Hayes live show. Here is what I found. This is from Union Chapel in London from the 8th of September 2008. It was recorded by someone who goes by the name of Powermonkey, and is just over 100MBs as a bunch of zipped/rarred .mp3s. You can download a sample song via zshare, and also the entire thing via Megaupload.

Also, click on the pictures above and below for full-size images which you can use as covers - for those of you who still burn everthing to CD.

1] This Is What You Do
2] Happy Sad
3] Nothing Can
4] Home
5] In Over My Head
6] Farewell To The Pressure Kids (Broken Social Scene cover)
7] Chasing Dragons
8] Back Of My Hand
9] Intro >
10] Oliver
11] Something In My Way
12] Easy On The Eye
13] Out Of Our Hands
14] Evening Sun

Gemma Hayes - 'Farewell to the Pressure Kids'

Full Show

Gemma Hayes - Union Chapel bootleg back

And here's what 'Back of My Hand' looked like live that night:


jessy said...

Hi! I made the artwork! thanks for sharing but the link doesn't work.

Ronan said...

That's fantastic artwork. Good stuff.

The link works for me. Is it not working for anyone else?

they know him only as G said...

Sweet! Your place in heaven/hell as desired is assured.