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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Album News: Drive-By Truckers - The Big To Do

Drive-By Truckers have signed to ATO Records for the release of their new album The Big To Do on March 16th 2010. The press release for it came today and included the exact line Patterson Hood used in my recent interview with him: “It’s very much a rock album...Very melodic and more rocking than anything we’ve done since disc 2 of Southern Rock Opera.” Have a read of the full interview here.

The inspiration for The Big To-Do came to the band during their time on the road. “We’ve often set our songs and albums in different periods of time, but this one finds us directly in our present. Riding all through the highways of America (and Europe) trying to make sense of a very different world than the one we grew up in,” says Hood. “I don’t write a lot of songs on the road, but I did more than usual on this album and many more were inspired by or set there, either in a literal sense or something I witnessed or heard about while I was out there.”

Bassist Shonna Tucker has written two of the thirteen songs, but the rest are Hood and Mike Cooley jams.

1. Daddy Learned to Fly
2. The Fourth Night of My Drinking
3. Birthday Boy
4. Drag the Lake Charlie
5. The Wig He Made Her Wear
6. You Got Another
7. This Fucking Job
8. Get Downtown
9. After the Scene Dies
10. (It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So
11. Santa Fe
12. The Flying Wallendas
13. Eyes Like Glue
14. Girls Who Smoke (Bonus track – vinyl only)

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Isuzu Trucks said...

Daddy learned to fly is great!