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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Setlist: Lily Allen, O2 Dublin, 8 December 2009

I kind of pity anyone who has gone to see Lily Allen more than once this year. She's played the exact same songs in the same order throughout her It's Not Me, It's You tour. Even if she mixed them up, or put in a different song from a list of five or so, it'd be so much better. Instead it feels like she's going through the motions. It feels like a show designed just to make money, no longer to entertain.

1. Everyone's at It
2. I Could Say
3. Never Gonna Happen
4. Oh My God / Everything's Just Wonderful
5. 22
6. Knock Em Out
7. Who'd Have Known
8. LDN
9. Back to the Start
10. He Wasn't There
11. Littlest Things
12. Naive
13. Smile
14. Kabul Shit
15. The Fear
16. Womanizer (Britney Spears cover)
17. Fuck You
18. Not Fair
19. Just Good to Be Green

Short clip of 'Who'd Have Known' from last night:


Unknown said...

I have to say Lily Allen was fantastic last night. She really rocked the o2!!!! She looked amazing!!!!!! So sexy!! Reli cute as always, and she sang gr8!!! We love u LILY ALLEN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

she also sang naive(the kooks), just be good to green(prof green), knock em out and many more. was very different from her academy or oxegen gig

Review's and all! said...

I have too agree. There was nothing special about the show last nite.I had seen her at OX this year and it was mostly the same. I was ground standing and I couldnt even see her till she walked up on the stairs to leave.

Bernard Black said...

Last night she jigged about the order and added Knock Em Out, Naive, Kabul Sh*t & her 'duet' with Professor Green (who was there).
Don't think she played Him or Chinese. I think that set-list was on the wiki page and was played throughout the first 'leg' of the tour. Same template, though...

Anonymous said...

Lily Allen was Brilliant last night!!!made me fall more in love with her!!and that set list u provided is completly wrong,she also graced us with naive,kabul shit,knock em out,just be gud to green and left out Him!!