Swear I'm not Paul: Setlist: Modest Mouse, The Academy, 7 December 2009

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Setlist: Modest Mouse, The Academy, 7 December 2009

Modest Mouse played another sell-out Irish show (damn those dudes are popular). This time they played in the Academy in Dublin. They also played a new improvised song. Which may or may not be a cover of Prince's 'Little Red Corvette'. Sadly there's no videos of it floating around. Yet.

Gravity Rides Everything
Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
Fire It Up
Satin In A Coffin
Bury Me With It
Baby Blue Sedan
Float On
Corvette (Improv)
The View
Here It Comes
3rd Planet
The Whale Song
Paper Thin Walls
King Rat
Dance Hall


Martha said...

thanks for posting this!

Martha said...

The intro riff of the 'improv' sounded so so so so familiar.

I'd love to know what it was.

I don't think it was Prince.. but I hope footage surfaces soon!