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Friday, March 26, 2010

Links and stuff

This is just a brief interruption to regular programming to point you in the direction of some other things I've been up to recently.

Tomorrow night the 2010 Irish Blog Awards will take place in Galway, I've been nominated for Best Music Blog, against some worthy opponents: Nialler9, Torture Garden, Faith No More 2.0, and Goldenplec. Good luck to all the nominees.

Also nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog is Culch.ie, where I've been known to hang out, writing book, television, and gaming news/reviews etc. In the Best Blog of a Business category, online PR firm SimplyZesty have been nominated - on their website today, you can find a guest post from yours truly about how bands have started using social media to their advantage. So if either of those wins tomorrow night, I expect to take full responsibility, and no responsibility if they don't win. Fair deal?

One last link for today. In the Day and Night magazine in today's Irish Independent, Swear I'm Not Paul has been selected as one of the top ten music blogs in Ireland. Not bad eh?

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