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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Download: Mumford & Sons - EP

After seeing Marcus Mumford provide support and an entire one-man backing band for Laura Marling at Whelan's recently, I sought out his band's debut EP. Finding it in the shops was a tricky endeavor, and using the usual tactics of typing in "rapidshare" or ".rar" in Google merited no results (not that I'd approve of that in any way! Buy music, or as Glen Hansard says: Make Art!).

Anyhow, after much searching I found where you could download Mumford & Sons EP, all for the massive price of "free". How is it free? Well you need to register on www.rawrip.com, after which you will be given ten free downloads, four of which can be used to download 'Awake My Soul', 'Liar', 'White Blank Page', and 'Roll Away Your Stone'. Plus, they're giving away 'Banjolin Song' for free anyway. So it'll only cost you four of your ten free downloads.

Free EP? I like it. I might even provide a review of the EP next week. Look out for it.

Get it here:

1 comment:

Kevin Lambert said...

Hey, I know this is an old post but the site is down now. Is there another way I could get the ep?