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Friday, July 18, 2008

Live: The Swell Season add second Olympia date

After selling out their Olympia date on the 2nd of December, Glen and Marketa (also known as The Swell Season, or him from the Frames and her, Blarney Woolen Mills number 1 customer) have added another show.

MCD claim that it's a "ONCE in a lifetime opportunity", in what is surely the worst pun of the year. Not only is it far from funny (unlike my excellent Blarney Woolen Mills joke!), but it's far from true, as many of you Oxegen revelers packed the Pet Sounds Arena for their set last Sunday.

And then I'm guessing that a lot of you already have tickets for their date on the 2nd of December. The newly announced date is for the 3rd of December, again at the Olympia Theatre, tickets start at €31.60 and are on sale now.

Watch their performance of Academy Award winning tune 'Falling Slowly' at Oxegen here:

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