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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New TV: Raw and Langerland.TV

Raw- RTE TV Series
A little aside from usual programming! Hopefully it might inspire some small discussion in the comments section (probably just B and myself!)

Did anyone catch the two new RTÉ Two shows last night? Raw starring The Rock, Stone Cold, oh no wait, it's not the wrestling program, it's a rip-off of Channel 5's The Kitchen. Raw is "raw" new drama from RTÉ - gettit? Based around the steamy lives of restaurant workers. See steamy? I am puntastic today! It stars me lad from Bachelor's Walk and me one from Pure Mule. It' a show so good, it doesn't even have an iMDB page yet. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to watch it; I was cooking up something else (oh yeah!), but what did my four avid readers think?

If you missed it (like me), you can still catch the episode here:

On the other hand, I did catch sight of the awful Langerland.TV I will admit I was mildly amused at previous net phenomenon (at least in Ireland), 'What Have The Brits Ever Done For Us?' But last night's IRA-themed nonsense seemed like just cheap joke after cheap joke, and it didn't bring out a smile, never mind a chortle or guffaw. RTÉ and new programming rarely go together. The best ever TV show we had here was a Channel 4 production. That should tell you something. Luckily, sometimes they get it right. Now is not one of those times.

I was a fan of Pure Mule and Bachelor's Walk, which will probably mean I'll click that link above and check out episode one of Raw over the weekend; but somehow I doubt I'll ever watch the clichéd Langerland ever again.

This was three years ago, when Langerland was actually half-decent:


B said...

langerland is an internet sensation?

no point even giving it a chance then, I've proof that the internet has killed the notion of quality entertainment.

proof: what was the first video to reach 100,000,000 youtube views? ...and what is in second place?

Ronan said...

Hey Hey, You You, I don't like your langerland!

No idea what's in second place.

Phenomenon/internet sensation is probably something I read on the press release, not sure if it's actually the truth!

Lottie said...

I am undecided about "Raw". It has potential. What confused me about the show last night was one of the characters...I'll say Bobby...his accent began as Irish, then he was English, then it was some sort of odd mix of both.

I'll give it another go next week, maybe.

B said...

Number 2: History of Dance

Lottie said...

@B - One of my favourites I have to admit. Along with the laughing baby and Matt.

Hey - I am easily pleased.

Anonymous said...

Langerland tv episode one wasnt the greatest by any means.

There are several episodes so it might be worth seeing what at least one of the others is about. Its hardly that much for people to give a mere five minutes out of their monday night for now is it (thats the length of an ad break)? Especially considering the RTE half hour crap people sit through in the hope the programme will get good.

And for something that is five minutes long per episode its hardly going to be able to establish father ted credentials.

Remember that the simpsons and southpark were written off from their first screening, family guy got cancelled too. I'm not saying its in that league but it takes time for something to build up and develop.

And if you're not willing to give five minutes to it then wait for them all to turn up on the web, view them as a whole and give your opinion then. I think we're all to quick to shoot something down in Ireland (although am guilty of it when it comes to RTE tv) I'll give the second one a look next week, after all its not a book we're judging here.

Ronan said...

Noodles: The thing is we already know what Langerland is. It's not a new invention. It's been around on the internet for years now, and for years now they've had far more misses than hits.

The hope was that they'd save the best for TV. You talk about the brevity of the show. However, if you're doing five minutes worth of material, it should be easier to get some laughs out of it.

The Simpsons, South park and Family Guy are American shows, with much greater demands. Networks in the US demand to be #1 week in, week out. RTE and Irish viewers don't demand as much. Thus why the English Class stayed on our screens for ages.

Okay, the first episode wasn't great. But it should've been good. If you don't have a good debut, how do you expect to build a following. The most powerful tool for TV in Ireland is word of mouth, and I haven't heard a good word from anyone's mouth about Langerland Episode 1. Maybe 2 will change things, but I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Ronan: i think the short format suits repeated viewing, whereas the half hour format allows you to build on gags you establish early on. Look at any comedy stand up, they usually take the first 5-10mins to get the audience into them (some have people from the outset but then thats more a visual gimick that soon wanes).

Irish comedy in particular has been more successful on building of characters that people can associate with more so than any quickfire gags. Its what makes Father Ted and Black Books so endearing (I know they both aired on UK but they featured irish comedians and writers). Even podge and rodge scare at bedtime focussed more on the characters idiosyncratic relationship than anything else and thus was born their own swearfest tv show.

I think you're wrong about irish viewers not demanding as much. We watch all these american and UK shows and we want Irish programming to be as funny, as sharp and as well executed. All the time. And thats clear from peoples remarks of anything that passes as homegrown comedy on RTE. We produce funny actors/writers that seem to get a decent platform abroad so why cant we do it here?

Well the question you have to ask yourself is it those making the shows thats the problem or those comissioning them thats the problem? Cant fault people for trying to get their work out there in my opinion.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising alright, and there has been a muted response to Langerland (all of what i've seen negative) but its not bad for a five minute programme to get such a reaction from people. I dont see much chatter about that piece of crap that was on air before it.

Seems journalists and the public alike are angry at RTE for their lack of commitment to a decent batch of comedy programmes. I doubt Langerland would be getting such a roasting if it was sandwiched between a show of Father Ted and Black Books calibre and hadnt been lauded by RTE as a flagship of their comedy commitment.It would have passed off as a fice minute comedy filler that people would watch while waiting for the next show. Can u see BBC or Channel 4 doing that? Sure BBC relegated boosh to BBC3 land until its cult viewing eventually got them to air it on BBC2 whereby people panned series 3 as not being as good as their previous effort. Seems you cant win them all.

If Langerland sticks and gets some laughs then good for it. And if it misses, well i guess its put back to pasture for the internet sensationalists to decide if its funny or not.

Ronan said...

Excellent points there Noodles. Yeah, the characters do take time to build themselves in a longer comedy show.

I do blame those commissioning, maybe I should decide to write something myself!

The actors aren't to blame, they do the best job with what they have.

But I guess we'll have to wait til next Monday to see. So I'll have to make a follow-on topic, and hopefully inspire more discussion!