Swear I'm not Paul: Live recommendations: 20-22 June 2008

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Live recommendations: 20-22 June 2008

Some pretty good artists playing in Dublin this weekend - well that all depends on your taste, but even so, there should be something to cater for everyone.

The biggest name of the weekend is obviously the cream of the crop, Eric Clapton, who brings his legendary brand of blues to Malahide Castle. Concertgoers are recommended to use public transport, and with the Dart station only 150 metres away, that would be my preferred method of transport. It's how I plan to get in and out of the castle for Neil Young next weekend anyway. Tickets are still on sale for both Clapton and Young, so that's the next two weekends sorted for you!

Tonight, Christy Moore is playing Tripod (as he did last night), but who hasn't seen him at this stage? Cathy Davey plays the Olympia, and Tom Baxter brings his own brand of generic singer-songwriter nonsense to the National Stadium. Don't get me wrong, he does have some good songs - but they were all on his first album, which is nearly half-a-decade old at this stage. Cathy Davey is a homegrown hero, and the singer's latest release Tales of Silversleeve was released to much acclaim in the UK just last week.

If you can't afford to see Eric Clapton, then there are plenty of alternatives on Saturday night. Poppette KT Tunstall plays the Olympia, fresh from supporting The Police in Belfast tonight. Republic of Loose promote their new album of funky-weirdness at the Ambassador. Tom Dunne is still going strong, and hopefully will play that one hit 'Parachute' in Whelan's. For people who claim they like "proper" music, Liars and Keren Ann are also visiting our fine capital.

Sunday is a bit of a letdown after Saturday, but rock fans from around the country will be at the RDS for nu-metallers Linkin Park (sadly there won't be any sign of Jay-Z), who are supported by the used-to-be-good-before-Nick-Oliveri-left Queens of the Stone Age and metal band Coheed & Cambria.

Wherever you go this weekend, enjoy. And don't blame me if the Dart is absolutely jammed.

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