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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Streaming Music: Conor Oberst - two songs from Self-titled

Another of this year's Electric Picnic performers is releasing a new album this year. Conor Oberst, who is better known as Bright Eyes, will be releasing a self-titled album. For his Electric Picnic debut, he will be accompanied by The Mystic Valley Band. This is the name of his own backing band, much like Bob Dylan had The Band, Bruce has E Street, and Bono has U2. The new self-titled "solo" record is not really a departure for Oberst, as Bright Eyes was 100 percent his own vehicle from the outset.

The album itself will be released August 4th, which gives those of you going to Stradbally a chance to digest the record and sing-a-long. Irish fans will remember Bright Eyes from Oxegen 2007, and also from the fact that he pulled out of Oxegen 2006 at the last minute, much to the dismay of myself and the random stranger beside me who couldn't recognize him onstage when whatever subpar replacement act was performing.

Two songs from his upcoming album can be streamed on his own website, and are a teaser for what's to come...

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