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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tour news: Coldplay

Not content with getting the UK #1 slot at the weekend, and getting a whopping 6.5 review from Pitchfork, Chris Martin has decided to throw his band's upcoming tour into disarray by injuring himself on the day before the tour. Or so claims The Sun newspaper.

The future Fish and Chip wrapper states "Chris Martin has thrown Coldplay's comeback concert into jeopardy after twisting his knee during tour rehearsals. The frontman was left hobbling in pain after injuring his leg in practice sessions for the band's eagerly anticipated first performance in London tomorrow."

But since he sits at a piano for some of the songs, before twirling around like a madman on others, can't he just sit for them all? Of course he can. It's just the usual newspaper nonsense.

How come I didn't hear about Silver Jews frontman David Berman injuring his hand in Meath while on their three-show stint in Ireland? That's right, because it just wasn't worth mentioning in the news. Berman still sang on, and gave a cracking performance at Whelan's (no 'Party Barge' though - the horror!). Similarly, Martin will no doubt be in excellent condition whether singing or standing. That's of course if he's not doing an encore of that terrible performance at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards:

Horrible, wasn't it?

And even so, they're not playing Belfast til December. I'm sure he'll have healed by then.

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