Swear I'm not Paul: Setlist: Crowded House, Olympia Theatre, 18 June 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Setlist: Crowded House, Olympia Theatre, 18 June 2008

Crowded House's final show was an excellent one. The band doesn't bother with encore breaks anymore. They don't even leave the stage.

Locked Out
World Where You Live
Turn It Round
Fall at Your Feet
Don't Stop Now
English Trees
Sunny Afternoon/Here Comes the Rain Again
Heaven that I'm Making
Now We're Getting Somewhere
Pineapple Head
Falling Down
Matt on Bhodrain
Either Side of The World
Three Blind Mice
Mary of the South Seas
Distant Sun
It's Only Natural
When You Come
Don't Dream It's over
Weather with You
Private Universe
Four Seasons in One Day

Remember Hazel Kaneswaren and Dove covered 'Don't Dream It's Over'? Horrible. But here it is...

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