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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Album News: Ben Folds - Quest for Fire

Ben Folds - Quest for Fire album cover

It seems nobody knows what the hell the story is with allegedly leaked Ben Folds album Way to Normal. The 6 leaked tracks are really rough sounding, and the lyrics on them don't match up with the "proper" ones. Also, two other websites are adding even more layers to the story. Ben Folds' livejournal talks about his new album Quest for Fire, complete with the above coverart. What the hell?

In addition, the even weirder 24-hour BenWatch has been set up here:

I have not a clue what the story is with the album, but as soon as I hear the actual truth, I'll let you know. But while you wait, check out those two sites, especially the utterly bizarre BenWatch!


Allison said...

both the livejournal and the watch were created by a fan site as a parody.

Jim said...

That's hilarious.

I can't wait for this "Way To Normal"- it's been way too long since "Songs for Silverman". I love pretty much every Ben Folds songs. I loved him with Ben Folds Five, but his solo work is just so different. I'm glad, though, that the classic Ben Folds sound has come back with the work he did on his last album.

I hope the album does well and that Ben will come out with an album more than once every three years!


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