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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Music: The Minor White

The Minor White - Old Theatrics
The Minor White are a five piece band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. The members are Roy Williams and is brother Kevin, Ian O'Hara and his brother Shane, and Kyle Wall and his brother, well no, just him. They released their debut EP, Daily Vacation in 2007, but are now following this up with their first album proper, Old Theatrics.

Old Theatrics will be released October 21st (a while away yet) on Prairie Queen Records. What first grabbed my attention about these guys is the fact they're produced by Nick Krill of the Spinto Band. I remember seeing the Spinto Band on Later...With Jools Holland last year, and thinking "hey these guys are good". But after hearing a few tracks from The Minor White, I'm thinking "hey, these guys are even better!"

Listen to 'I've Burned Down Every House' here:

Find out more about them here:
And check out the excellent 'Fever Scene' on their Myspace!

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