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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Album News: Metallica - Death Magnetic

US Music Magazine Rolling Stone were given the tracklist for the new Metallica album yesterday. It's called Death Magnetic, is produced by beardo Rick Rubin, and is due out sometime in September.

The track titles give little away, but the inclusion of a song called 'The Unforgiven III' is definitely of note!

'That Was Just Your Life'
'The End Of The Line'
'Broken, Beat & Scarred'
'The Day That Never Comes'
'All Nightmare Long'
'The Unforgiven III'
'The Judas Kiss'
'Suicide & Redemption'
'My Apocalypse'

You can listen to snippets from the new album here:

Of which, the latest highlights package gives you a great tease:

One of the new songs live:


saracell said...

i'm metallica fan,i think all metallica fan waiting this album see new metallica perfomance

Anonymous said...

I'm actually really excited for Death Magnetic. Definitely check out their website at www.missionmetallica.com! It has exclusive photos, videos, and tracks... plus recording footage from the new album and ways to win contests. Totally excited for the new album... Rock on!