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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stream: Peter Gabriel - 'Down to the Ground'

Two things I love: Pixar and Peter Gabriel.

Yes, I'm a huge Genesis fan. I even like Phil Collins Genesis. Heck, like Patrick Bateman himself I like Phil solo. Bateman, Batman, Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight, this Friday, watch it. It could possibly be the best film you'll ever see. Well, it's getting 9.5 on iMDB so far. Better than the Godfather! That'll probably go down, but it's funny to see.

I expect that film to be great. But having seen Wall-E last night, it'll take a lot of beating. Wall-E is the best film I have seen this year. Maybe best in years. It makes In Bruges look like an episode of Fair City. But I'm not here to talk movies or TV. I just recommend you stay around for the first part of the credits, where they go through the history of painting, with a new Peter Gabriel song to accompany it. This isn't the ending, so don't worry, you won't spoil it on yourself!

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