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Monday, July 21, 2008

Stream: Native Korean Rock (for fans of Karen O)

Native Korean Rock
So, as you may well know, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are miles better than The Ting Tings. Karen O makes Katie White look like the singer in a school band. Not that The Ting Tings are that bad. It's just that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are so much better.

Their singer, Karen O, is currently branching out and has formed a sideproject called Native Korean Rock. Bizarre name, but damn good music. It's less punchy and rocky than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs output, and is mostly just O herself and an acoustic guitar. One song is even named after herself (a bit like Belinda Belinda Belinda in this year's UK Big Brother): 'OOO'

You can stream five of their songs here:

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