Swear I'm not Paul: Watch: Animal Collective 'Lion in a Coma'

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watch: Animal Collective 'Lion in a Coma'

Animal Collective could well release a new album this year, the band say that it's pretty much finished. Here's hoping. Many of the songs that could appear on it have been live staples for the past year or more, and all sound brutally brilliant.

Brian Weitz told Pitchfork "It'll be interesting to see what people say about it. Because to us, it's electronic, because of the process. Noah's record, we all found inspiring in terms of what he could do with samples. For this [album], we were trying to sample acoustic instruments, us sampling acoustic things in the practice space. So maybe for someone who doesn't know that, it'll sound like we're going back to a live playing kind of thing, but to us it feels more electronic."

You can watch a new video of 'Lion in a Coma', live at Pitchfork here:

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