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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Album News: Ben Folds - Way to Normal tracklist

Ben Folds on the beach
So we finally have proper details of the new Ben Folds album. It's called Way to Normal, as originally thought. A loyal reader has also informed me that the two links I posted last time around were fan-made fakes. Damn good fakes if you ask me, unlike those Britney Spears nudes I saw a while ago!

The tracklist has been announced, and also a release date: September 30th.

‘Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hits His Head)’
‘Dr. Yang’
‘The Frown’
‘You Don’t Know Me’
‘Before Cologne’
‘Errant Dog’
‘Free Coffee’
‘Bitch Went Nuts’
‘Kylie from Connecticut’


Jim said...

I can't wait for "Way To Normal"- it's been way too long since "Songs for Silverman". I love pretty much every Ben Folds songs. I loved him with Ben Folds Five, but his solo work is just so different. I'm glad, though, that the classic Ben Folds sound has come back with the work he did on his last album.

I hope the album does well and that Ben will come out with an album more than once every three years!


The Laptop Sessions Cover Songs

Anonymous said...

i Love The Bitch Went Nutz :D
Haven't Got Many of The Songs Yet, About Half of Them :)

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