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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Album News: Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul tracklisting revealed

A user of French forum http://www.nrj.fr has released the tracklisting of the brand new Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul:

To save you from translating it yourself, they say "it's an excellent album, the best from Oasis.

After an absence of three years, the band from Manchester presents its seventh album. The English press did not lie when they proclaimed it an excellent album.

Dig Out Your Soul is a treasure trove of music and is undoubtedly the best studio album of their career. Liam Gallagher said he would compose songs out of the usual construction and move towards a new sound. It's done!

The progression of songs is very consistent. From the raw energy of the first titles to the more sophisticated pieces at the end, the listener discovers new sounds, as if the group wanted to guide him throughout the hearing. The Gallagher brothers put aside their usual Britpop sound to focus on a sound much more rock, sometimes folk. And it's very heavy, especially the track '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady'.

Never in excess, the rockers introduce arrangements of all kinds with the precision of a goldsmith. In addition, the guitar holds a prominent place in songs and provides real effectiveness on the record."

1. Bag It Up
2. The Turning
3. Waiting for the Rapture
4. The Shock of the Lightning
5. I'm Outta Time
6. (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
7. Falling Down
8. To be Where There's Life
9. Ain't Got Nothin'
10. The Nature of Reality
11. Soldier On

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