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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Live: Oxegen 2008 Preview - Saturday

Better get all these done today, cause no doubt some of you are off to the festival tomorrow - you mad yokes! You're going to be soaked!


Nice early start Saturday morning. Well early for me, I don't get up before 12 on Saturdays. Not even for Soccer AM!

Always plenty of choice for the first act. Comedy-rock group Bowling for Soup on the Main Stage, Jack McManus on Pet Sounds, but I'm recommending British band Little Man Tate on the O2 Stage. They're named after a Jodie Foster film. Bound to be brilliant!

Check out the Delays for a few minutes in the Green Room.

Scouting for Girls. Yes, they're poppy, but it's the good kind of feelgood stuff. Not shlock like Busted or McFly. They're on the Main Stage.

Two choices here. Powderfinger (named after a legend of a Neil Young tune) on the O2 Stage, or The Music at Pet Sounds. Depends on whether you feel like walking really.

Avoid Newton Faulkner at all costs. My housemate wouldn't, she says she'd actually give him a go, dreads and all! My Morning Jacket bring their Evil Urges to Pet Sounds. So you're probably best going to see The Music instead of Powderfinger so. Too late now though.

The Ting Ting Ting Tings. Major Major Major Major. I like repetition. Horrible name the Ting Tings. Decent music. Those singles will become anthems on Saturday. Check them out in the Green Room.

Holy Fuck. Don't know which band name is worse, this or the Ting Tings. But the worst of the weekend is definitely Does It Offend You, Yeah? Stop in to the 2FM New Band Stage on the way to...

The Main Stage for Counting Crows. You'll all know 'Mr Jones', but they do have some other great songs. Their new album isn't their best, but expect a greatest hits performance at Oxegen (their Ambassador show will be used to promote the record).

You should love Yeasayer. Great band name, great album. Pretty great for the twenty minutes you'll be there.

If you check out one band this weekend, make it Vampire Weekend. Clever lyrics, African-influences, and the word "Vampire" in their name. What's not to like? Plus, Amy Winehouse will probably not turn up. The Green Room will be full.

Blues legend Seasick Steve on the Pet Sounds Stage. Well he's not all that much of a legend, but he's old, which is half the battle. For the few years he's been well-known though, he has been well-received, and went down a treat at Glastonbury two weekends ago.

More sunshine pop from Swedish band Alphabeat. It'll make up for the fact the actual sun didn't shine all day. Catch them at the 2FM New Band Stage.

"Sheffield crooner channels ghost of Roy Orbison." Sounds like a spam email. It's true though. Love by the Arctic Monkeys. Loved by me. See him!

(Or whatever time Richard is over. Take note that you should wait for some acts to finish before leaving. Don't spend the weekend walking around!) Black Kids are yet another hype band. I posted a stream of their debut album yesterday. It's worth checking out. Feeder are also on the O2 Stage at this time, could be worth a look. They're much better live than in studio.

Either Hot Chip or Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong. One is dancy stuff, the other bizarrely-titled rock. Don't bother with the Zutons anyway. They make more money from Amy Winehouse than they do from their own records. Hot Chip can be caught at Pet Sounds, Joe Lean on the 2FM New Band Stage.

The Verve play The Main Stage. Expect material from their new record Forth, as well as classics like 'Sonnet' and 'Bittersweet Symphony'. And someone record some videos for me, I want to see this new material. I won't be seeing the Verve. The National are on! They play the Pet Sounds stage at 23:40. They sold out a week's worth of dates in the last year, and are loved. Rightly so. Also, if you're into your dance music, check out Justice at 23:45 in the Dance Building.

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Clockwork Rob said...

I'm only going for this day, and for me it's all about Hot Chip then Justice. Dancey greatness all round! Though I'm looking forward to checking out some of these hype bands during the day- Black Kids, Alphabeat, Yeasayer etc