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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Live: Oxegen 2008 Preview - Sunday

Last but not least. If you're still conscious on Sunday, there are some great bands playing. And if not, the noise of Rage Against The Machine is bound to wake you from your coma.

If you've time to do some reading before the weekend, People's Republic of Cork have their own nice little Guide to Oxegen:


It's the Subways not the Sundays playing the O2 Stage, so there will be no stories ending. Instead, check out alt-country singer Ryan Bingham at Pet Sounds. It'll ease you into Sunday.

The Hold Steady at the Green Room. Why in the name of Jesus are they on so early? Ridiculous. Tom Baxter is on the same stage six hours later, makes no sense. Go and see them. They're one of your must sees for Sunday.

Whenever Franz Nicolay walks off the stage, not at 14:45, head over to the Main Stage to catch the end of the Feeling. It'll brighten your spirits, if not the weather.

In my opinion, The Stranglers only have one good song. Hopefully they'll play it. They might be good live, so give them a try. Best of a bad bunch, playing in the Green Room.

We Are Scientists. They're pretty good, as their new album Brain Thrust Mastery would attest, so see them on the O2 Stage. Don't bother with the Blizzards. Just because they're Irish doesn't mean they're all that good. The Kinetics on Friday are miles better.

Lightspeed Champion, he used to write for Pitchfork, you know? He's better than any other critic out there when it comes to playing music though. His lyrics are dope. Am I allowed say that? I'm probably not cool enough. Back to Pet Sounds for this one.

Alabama 3 is like your own rocky hoedown, well not really but the name does not indicate the music. Try them on in The Green Room.

Yet another British band, The Pigeon Detectives. How come they produce good music and we have dirge like Delorentos in Pet Sounds. The wing├ęd ones can be found on the O2 Stage.

The Kooks released their second album, Konk, earlier this year. It wasn't a patch on the earlier record, but I hear it works well in the live setting. They're on the Main Stage.

Dublin's The Script are a good upcoming Irish band. There's only a finite amount of them. Recent single 'We Cry' was a great radio hit, and give them the attention they deserve. Pay them attention at the 2FM New Bands Stage.

'Time to Pretend' by MGMT was everywhere earlier this year. They're bloody weird looking dudes, but they make good music. Not all about looks you know. That said my girlfriend is stunning. I bet yours isn't. MGMT are on Pet Sounds.

Forget that nonsense singalong song the Fratellis will lash into on the Main Stage, Glasvegas are twenty times the band they are, and play the 2FM New Band Stage. Another of my must-sees for the weekend. You can thank me when you wake Monday evening. Irish act Crayonsmith is on the IMRO New Sounds Stage at the same time, if you're feeling patriotic, check him out. He's good too.

Band of Horses are one of the most productive bands around and release a lot in a short time. This means they don't have as much time to tour, so catch them when they're here. Speaking of Horses, wasn't Into the West a great film, Tayto? Band of Horses play Pet Sounds.

Don't even waste time trekking to the Kaiser Chiefs on the Main Stage for fifteen minutes, worm your way up front at the O2 Stage for Jack White and Brendan Benson's Raconteurs. If they play 'Carolina Drama', that'll be the highlight of the weekend.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won some award. It isn't well known. Most people, however, don't know they're actually called The Swell Season. They bring their stripped down brilliance to the Pet Sounds Stage. Bound to be packed. At the same time Rage Against The Machine come to the Main Stage (22:35), Chemical Brothers on O2 (22:30), Ian Brown at the Green Room (22:50), but of the other acts, Wales pop-rockers Los Campesinos! are the ones most worth seeing on the 2FM New Band Stage (23:20).

Until Oxegen 2009...

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Clockwork Rob said...

Hmm, Glen Hansard or Rage Against the Machine? Choices, choices...

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Nice Oxegen Preview, man!