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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Live: Oxegen 2008 Preview - Friday

So, you've now read what everyone has to say on a variety of different bands. Most of it was glowing praise. It seems that everyone playing the Punchestown festival this year is the best act ever. Sadly, that's not the case. So here I am to help you decide who to see. And I'm going to do it by time schedule, so you won't forget who's on stage. Yes. I love that scene from Animaniacs, even if it is a rip-off of a classic Abbott and Costello joke.

So let's start with Day 1:


Three choices here really, Dirty Epics, Amy MacDonald or Future Kings of Spain. The others will probably be attended by people who are either family members and friends or people who want to get out of the rain. None of these really shine, but Ireland's own Future Kings of Spain do put on a nice little live performance. They're on the O2 Stage

The Coronas. If you have time go see these guys for a few minutes at the Main Stage, before heading to see...

Anyone but the Sugababes. Or maybe they'll cancel again. Who you should be seeing are Dublin-based The Kinetics, who play the Green Room. They're one of the best upcoming Irish bands out there, and were thoroughly fantastic when I saw them recently supporting Saving J.

It's a case of family business when Son of Crowded House, sorry, Liam Finn, takes to the 2FM New Band/Futures Stage. His music is somewhat reminiscent of his dad's, and is much better than anything Sean Lennon has ever released.

Paddy Casey belts out some of his Irish modern classics on the Main Stage, but you won't be hearing anything from his average new album, as you'll no doubt be too busy listening to Battles in the Pet Sounds Tent. Expect to hear the wonderful Math-Rock of 'Atlas' which received praise from everyone from NME ro Pitchfork.

When they're finished, head over to see The Saw Doctors 'N17' and all, where it'll be culchie central in The Green Room. Hope you brought your wellies!

Back to The Main Stage (lots of walking in my Oxegen 2008 Tour) for Editors, who'll definitely rock the house, and hopefully cheer up all the soggy souls out on the mulch. But you'll only be watching them for twenty minutes...

Pianoman Ben Folds is on the O2 Stage, minus the Five, but still as excellent as ever. I saw him in Vicar Street last year, and it was definitely a treat for the ears. We even got a guest appearance from Neil Hannon!

Aphex Twin used to be great. He's still a weirdo, but I'm not too sure how great he still is. Granted, it's either him or The Go!Team or Mundy. So watch him for five minutes anyway.

Main Stage again for Interpol. I never would say I was looking forward to them, but there's not much else now really is there? Friday is definitely the poorest of all three days. Personally I think they should've stuck with two.

Friendly Fires are yet to release an album, but when they do, expect it to be soundtracking a lot of adverts. Their single 'Paris' should've been everywhere, but criminally wasn't. Check them out on the 2FM New Band Stage.

Kings of Leon finally land on the Main Stage. I hardly expect people to be watching anyone else. They'll play plenty of their well-known tunes, and expect some from their upcoming record too. I remember when I first saw these guys (after Youth and Young Manhood was first released) and they were excellent. I don't think anything they've released since matches their debut, but they do put on a great show.

If you want to see someone else while the Kings are onstage though, I'd recommend Cat Power (Pet Sounds 23:50), but not The Rascals (New Band 23:30). Calvin Harris is wonderful live too, and was great last year (Dance Stage 23:50).

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Clockwork Rob said...

Aw, I think the Sugababes are pretty good...